domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

7th International Deer Biology Congress

Huilo Huilo Reserve, township Panguipulli, Chile
1-6 August, 2010

This is the first time that the International Deer Biology Congress (IDBC) will take place in Latin America. South America has a high diversity of deer species and represents the only natural radiation of cervids in the southern hemisphere. Holding the congress in Chile will provide many neotropical deer biologist the opportunity for to participate, considering the economic realities of most Latin American countries. At the same time it would be the opportunity for many northern hemisphere deer scientists to visit and learn about the reality of deer research and management in a very unique continent with many unknown and many threatened deer. Additionally, colleagues from Australia and New Zealand can take a comparative look at the same introduced deer species, with the difference that South America has native cervids, camelids and large predators.

We hope to bring together a broad diversity of deer people, covering scientific researchers, conservation specialists, and production specialist among professionals and students. Stimulating plenary talks, workshops and presentations by participants will allow exciting exchanges of ideas and promote new collaborative research among cervid specialists.