martes, 2 de septiembre de 2008


Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB)

Closing date for reception of applications September 30, 2008

The Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB) in Chile is offering a number of two-year postdoctoral positions for carrying out research in Chile related to the main research Foci and Cross-cutting themes of the Institute. Fellowships include a monthly stipend and an allowance for research expenses. Interested applicants should already be in possession of a Ph.D. degree or equivalent by 30 September, 2008. The two-year positions are open to Chilean citizens and foreigners living in and outside Chile, and may be held at any of the academic institutions associated with IEB. Fellows may use their stipends to support up to two months stay in a foreign country if this is considered desirable to carry out part of the proposed research. Knowledge of Spanish is not a requirement.
The main research Foci and Cross cutting themes are:
1) Palaeoecology and Biogeography
2) Ecosystems Ecology
3) Microevolutionary Processes
4) Conservation and Society / Global Change Impacts
IEB functions in a network mode and encourages collaborative and comparative research. Its lead scientists are academics at the Universidad de Chile (Santiago), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago), Universidad de La Serena (La Serena), Universidad de Concepción (Concepción) and Universidad de Magallanes (Punta Arenas).
More detailed information on the current specific research themes of the lead researchers of IEB and full listings of their scientific publications can be found at

Persons who wish to apply for an IEB postdoctoral award should:
a) Establish formal contact with an IEB scientist so as to ascertain mutual interests.
b) Send the following materials to: The Fellowship Committee, Institute of Ecology andBiodiversity (IEB).
1) A letter from an IEB scientist indicating his/her willingness to host the research.
2) Evidence of completion of a Ph.D. in the last three years and at the time of the closure of the
3) CV, including full bibliographic citations of all scientific publications, academic positions held, other experience, any previous postdoctoral positions, current telephone numbers, fax and e-mail.
4) Two letters of recommendation from scientists who are familiar with the candidate´s work. One letter must be from the candidate's major professor (thesis advisor). Letters should rank the intellect, performance, writing skills, and capacity for collaborative research of the applicant in relation to other peers.
5) A one-page outline (single-spaced) of research goals and the questions to be addressed for the period of the fellowship. Include statements describing how the proposed research fits into the research themes developed at IEB and what publications and other products can be expected.
The deadline for reception of application materials is 30 September, 2008.
Application materials should be sent to:
Regular mail:
Fellowship Committee, Instituto de Ecología y Biodiversidad (IEB), c/o Dr. Carolina Henríquez, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Chile, Casilla 653, Santiago, Chile.
Courier packages:
Fellowship Committee, Instituto de Ecología y Biodiversidad (IEB), c/o Dr. Carolina Henríquez, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Chile, Las Palmeras 3425, Ñuñoa, Santiago, Phone 56(2) 9787345.
Materials can be sent by e-mail to: Cc:
For further information, contact, Dr. Mary T. K. Arroyo, Director, IEB
Phone: 56(2) 271-5464
Selected applicants will be advised on or before 15 October, 2008. Awardees should be available
to begin their fellowships in Chile not later than 1 January, 2009.