martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

Shirley A. Graham Fellowships in Systematic Botany and Biogeography

The Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG) announces the Shirley A. Graham Fellowships in systematic botany and biogeography for 2011. The Fellowships are established to honor and celebrate Dr. Shirley A. Graham’s contributions to science, in particular to the taxonomy and evolution of the plant family Lythraceae.
The Shirley A. Graham Fellowships are awarded to scientists from Latin America, Madagascar, Vietnam, and Tanzania who work in the field of botany/plant sciences. The purpose of the Fellowships is to support scientists by providing funding that will allow them to conduct research at the Missouri Botanical Garden.
During their stay in St. Louis, the Fellows will have access to the Missouri Botanical Garden’s herbarium and library and to the TROPICOS database. The Fellowship will cover the costs of round-trip air travel to St. Louis and lodging in MBG’s visitor apartments, and will provide a stipend for food, local transportation, and other incidental expenses in St. Louis for a period of up to two months. In special instances, and when justified in relation to the Fellow’s research project, a small amount of funding (up to $500.00) may be provided to buy equipment, travel to meetings, and support fieldwork.

Applications will consist of a maximum of seven pages that will include the following documents:
1) A description of the proposed research project following the format described on the reverse side of this page (maximum length of two pages, 10-point font);
2) An up-to-date curriculum vitae following the format and examples indicated on the reverse side of this page (maximum of two pages, 10-point font);
3) A copy of the most advanced university degree awarded;
4) A letter of recommendation;
5) A letter from the institution with which the applicant is affiliated that supports his/her participation in this program.

Application deadline: 31 July 2011
Announcement of results: 30 September 2011