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A Ph.D. position in plant evolutionary Biology is available at the Dept. Structural and Functional Biology, University of Naples Federico II, Italy, with Dr. Salvatore Cozzolino to study speciation and reproductive isolation in Mediterranean orchids.
I am seeking a PhD candidate (3 yrs) with a strong interest in the evolution of reproductive isolation and speciation in plants. Our group is using orchids as a model system for ecological genetics and current
research topics include hybridisation and introgression, habitat adaptation, reproductive isolation and speciation, mechanisms and consequences of specific pollinator attraction, genome evolution.
For this PhD position two possible research projects are available. The two projects are embedded in a larger framework of evolutionary studies in Mediterranean orchids.
For both projects, experience with experimental work and statistical analyses and the use and application of molecular methods to evolutionary problems are a must.
One project will focus on the characterization of genes involved in species isolation by pollen-stigma interactions, by transcript profiling and functional study of candidate genes. For this project I am looking for one candidate with a strong background in molecular biology or biochemistry and plant developmental biology. The second project will investigate mechanisms and consequences of specific pollinator attraction in orchids species-pair, involving investigations on floral signals (scent), behavioral
experiments, molecular analysis of hybrid zones with pollinators and plot experiments in the field. For this project , a background in evolutionary ecology and population genetics is desirable.
The Dept. Structural and Functional Biology (see host 40 academic staff, a dozen of PostDoc, and 20 PhD students that investigate several biological topics and offers a supportive and stimulating environment, a state-of-the-art molecular labs, as well as climate chambers, greenhouses and common garden facilities. Naples has a large and very active research community and the University of Naples ( dealing with various aspects of organismal and
molecular biology. The city also offers excellent opportunity for social life through active cultural programs and infrastructure, as well as an attractive surrounding including both see and mountains in proximity. Funding is available for three years and we hope to appoint by October 2008. Candidates should have completed their Masters degree or equivalent (Diplom) in a relevant field and be very fluent in English. The closing date for applications is end August 2006. A letters of application, together with a full CV and the names of two referees should be sent by email to Dr Salvatore Cozzolino ( )

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