viernes, 1 de febrero de 2008

"Plant life at extreme high altitudes"

Diseratación del Profesor Christian Körner
Intistituto de Ecología
Universidad Mayor de San Andrés

Fecha: 11 de Febrero
Hora: 9:30 am
Lugar: Auditorio del Instituto de Ecología, Campus Univesristario de Cota Cota, Calle 27 de Cota Cota, s/n

In this presentation C. Körner will explore the mechanisms by which plants manage to grow at very high altitude. Is it freezing resistance,photosynthesis, nutrition, reproduction or tissueformation which exerts the major constraint? Iwill introduce the concept of source versus sink limitation for carbon acquisition. Employing microclimatology and large scale comparisons across the globe, it will become obvious that plant morphology (stature) and timing of development are the key drivers of plant success when the climate gets cold at high altitude.