jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Curso: Recent Advances in Conservation Genetics 2011 - Pantanal

3 - 11 September 2011
ConGen 2011 - Pantanal
Aguapé Lodge, Aquidauana, southern Pantanal, Brazil. (http://www.aguape.com.br/ingles/)

Expected number of students: 30

(55-11) 4411-6966 or through the emails below: procarnivoros@procarnivoros.org.br and eduardo.eizirik@pucrs.br

Applications can be performed through the course's WebSite: http://www.procarnivoros.org.br/en/cursos.asp

Target Applicants
Graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, staff scientists, professors and other professionals working in conservation genetics, or interested in entering this field.

Organizing Institutions
Graduate Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology – PUCRS, Brazil.
Pró-Carnívoros Institute, Brazil.
American Genetic Association, USA.

Additional support from:
Graduate Program in Genetics and Molecular Biology – UFRGS, Brazil
GENEIOUS – software for genetic analyses

Course Directors:
Dr. Eduardo Eizirik – PUCRS and Pró-Carnívoros Institute, Brazil
Dr. Stephen J. O Brien – Laboratory of Genomic Diversity, NCI, NIH, USA

Confirmed Faculty:
Dr. Stephen J. O Brien – Laboratory of Genomic Diversity, NCI, NIH, USA
Dr. Robert K. Wayne – University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Dr. C. Scott Baker – Oregon State University, USA
Dr. Brian Bowen – University of Hawaii, USA
Dr. Oliver Ryder – San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, USA
Dr. Eduardo Eizirik – PUCRS and Pró-Carnívoros Institute, Brazil
Dr. Fabrício R. Santos – UFMG, Brazil
Dr. Harris Lewin – Institute for Genomic Biology, University of Illinois, USA
Dr. Warren Johnson – Laboratory of Genomic Diversity, NCI, NIH, USA
Dr. Klaus-Peter Koepfli – Laboratory of Genomic Diversity, NCI, NIH, USA
Dr. Cristina Y. Miyaki – USP, Brazil
Dr. Pedro M. Galetti – UFSCar, Brazil
Dr. João Alexandrino – UNIFESP, Brazil
Dr. Larissa R. Oliveira – UNISINOS, Brazil
Dr. Loreta B. Freitas – UFRGS, Brazil
Dr. Nelson J. R. Fagundes – UFRGS, Brazil
Dr. Rodrigo Torres – UFPE, Brazil
Dr. Sandro L. Bonatto – PUCRS, Brazil
Dr. Thales R. O. Freitas – UFRGS, Brazil

Number of Course Hours: 50

Language and Teaching Approach
Lectures in Portuguese, Spanish or English, with no simultaneous translation.
Practical labs in Portuguese and/or Spanish and/or English (depending on the instructors), using computers to teach analytical methods applied to genetic data.

Application process
Applicants should submit their CV along with the application form, whose analysis will be used to decide on acceptance as course students. For all applicants deemed suitable (considering background, interests and previous experience), applications will be considered in the same order as they are received by the organizers, so that earlier applicants will more likely secure a position in the course.

Tuition Cost
- Payment in US Dollars: US$ 1500.00
- Payment in Brazilian Reais: see Portuguese version of the course website.

Tuition Includes
- Transportation to the course location from the Campo Grande airport (two-way trip).
- Eight-night lodging at Pousada Aguapé.
- Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the whole period of the course.
- Teaching materials.
- Course certificate.
- Sightseeing tour: night spotlighting of Pantanal biodiversity.

Partial or full scholarships may be awarded to registered students, depending on support received from Brazilian governmental agencies, in addition to scientific societies and other sponsors. In case scholarships become available, they will be allocated on the basis of CV analysis, as well as the information contained in the application form (including recommendation letters to be requested from the professional references listed on the form). If granted, scholarships will be awarded as a complete or partial refund of the tuition (to be performed by the first day of the course) for those applicants who have already submitted their payment.

Optional tours
In addition to the night spotlighting, included in the tuition cost, there will be a set of eco-tours organized by the lodge, which students and faculty may join during program breaks built into the course s schedule. These include horseback trail rides, trail walks, photo safaris, and motor boat sightseeing along the Aquidauana river. Each tour costs R$ 40 (ca. US$ 24) per person.