sábado, 13 de febrero de 2010

Acceso a revistas científicas: The Environmental Sciences Reading Room

The Environmental Sciences Reading Room is a FREE service that will provide you with unlimited access to our Environmental journals, 6 times a year. No charge, no catch!

Access is free, quick and easy. Just follow this link and enter the Reading Room today!

Selection for January - February 2010

The following Environmental journals have been selected and will be available to you until the end of February 2010:

Environmental Health
* Aerobiologia
* Microbial Ecology
Global Change - Climate Change
* Oecologia
* Energy Efficiency
Pollution & Remediation
* Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health
* Water, Air, & Soil Pollution
Environmental Management
* Environmental Management
* The Environmentalist
* Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy
Aquatic Sciences
* Estuaries and Coasts
* Aquaculture International
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Please note that you will continue to have unlimited access if your library or institution has an online subscription. If not, please recommend our journals to your librarian, who can find more information on springer.com/librarians