martes, 19 de abril de 2011

Toyota Foundation -- Research Grant Program 2011

Application period:
April 1, to May 13, 2011
Period of grants: One year or two years, beginning November 1, 2011

Program Objectives

Based on the theme of “Exploring Knowledge to Build a Better Future,” the program provides support to research projects that seek to uncover new relations among people, as well as connections between people and culture and people and nature, and those that bring about a spiritually richer society in which people sustain each other by forming such links. In particular, the program targets research projects with important social significance that adopt a pioneering stance based on flexible ideas that are not limited by existing frameworks.

Grant Types

Category A (Joint Research)

  1. Practical research that contributes to addressing challenges facing society
  2. Value-creation research aimed at forging a new society

Category B (Individual Research)

  • We target projects from any field or topic provided that the researcher has adopted an innovative perspective and approach, and that the project can contribute positively to the researcher's own future.

Application Requirements

There are no restrictions based on nationality, affiliation, academic background, or area of residence.