miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

Curso: Expanding the Frontier in Tropical Ecology through Embedded Sensors

NSF-Sponsored OTS Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI)
La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica

Embedded Sensor Networks offer a powerful combination of distributed sensing capacity and open possibilities for countless applications in ecological research. The frontiers of ecology expand as biologists think of new applications and engineers develop the necessary tools to increase our understanding of how ecological systems work. During this two week institute, 15 scientists will lead up to 30 advanced doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and young faculty from the US and the Americas to introduce how embedded sensor networks can contribute to the scientific advancement of tropical ecology. This group will explore how sensor networks offer novel, transformative approaches to answering critical questions in tropical forest ecology. Prospective participants should be interested in applying sensor technology to answer science-driven questions in forest ecology and have access to established tropical field sites and stations where sensors could be deployed and maintained. The institute also aims to encourage partnerships, research alliances and collaborative networks. Selected participants will receive full scholarships including airfare.

FOR MORE DETAILS SEE ATTACHED FLYER or consult OTS website at http://www.ots.duke.edu

Coordinators: Dr. Phil Rundel, UCLA/CENS
Dr. Carolina Murcia, OTS Science Director
Dr. Eric Graham, UCLA/CENS
Course duration: 2 weeks, August 16 – 31, 2010
Application Deadline: March 15, 2010 for priority consideration, followed by rolling admission if spaces remain.
Guest faculty include:
Hank Loescher (NEON) – establishing reliable sensor network systems
Fabio Silva (U. of Southern California) – data collection and management
Mike Allen (U. California, Riverside) – soil sensor networks
Tom Harmon (U. California, Merced) – sensor networks in aquatic systems
Mitch Aide (U. Puerto Rico) – acoustic sensing
Peter Narins (UCLA) – animal communication
Roland Kays (NY State Museum) – animal tracking
Steve Oberbauer (Florida International U.) – carbon flux
Lawren Sack (UCLA) – plant hydraulics
David and Deborah Clark (UMSL and La Selva) – forest dynamics
Erin Riordan (UCLA) – remote sensing/ground truthing
Participants: advanced doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, junior faculty and other interested professionals from the U.S. and Latin America
Applications & More information: consult OTS website http://www.ots.duke.edu or Barbara Lewis barbara.lewis@ots.ac.cr for application questions and Carolina Murcia carolina.murcia@ots.ac.cr for additional program information